Please visit my web shop at www.zazzle.com/griffingear*. I have over 500 turbo lifestyle designs available for you to choose from! Many can be customized by re-sizing or moving the image, and adding or changing the text for something totally personalized. You can choose to have it printed your choice of men's, women's and children's garments in several colors and many styles...short sleeve, long sleeve, sweatshirt, tank top, you name it! Hats, mugs and even mousepads, are available too! As always if you don't see one you like, you can contact me for a custom shirt that looks just like your car!I can match the design from paint color and window tint, to other accessories -- down to the same wheels!

Customized shirts are available for these Saab models, and many premade options are awaiting:

Here's a preview of the newest designs:

Also check out some handy tips on modifying your Swedish auto

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