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Painting headlight bezels

I wanted to give my car's front a more aggressive look but I was not sure if I liked the plastic "eyebrows" that are sold in Europe.

I saw a photo of someone's car who had painted his headlight bezels to match his car. I thought this was a perfect way to make the front of the car more aggressive but in a subtle way that would not involve pieces of plastic attached with velcro. Also this does not affect the light beam output or pattern if done correctly.

I started by removing the headlights. You will need to remove the grill first, then the corner lamps. then you will have exposed the screws that hold the headlamps in place. Next you can remove the headlamps by removing the three screws that hold them in place. Use a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to pop the metal clips off that hold that glass onto the headlamp. Now is a great opportunity to clean the inside and outside of the headlamp glass thoroughly.

DO NOT TOUCH OR ATTEMPT TO CLEAN THE CHROME SURFACE INSIDE YOUR HEADLAMP. That could affect your light output, the chrome rubs off extremely easily!

Next you will need to use a low-tack painting tape to CAREFULLY mask off the areas you don't want painted. Use newspaper or plastic shopping bags to protect the inner chrome surface that reflects the light.

I used some adhesion promoter on the chrome, then followed with a few light even coats of high temperature enamel paint. Carefully remove the mask when everything is thoroughly dry and re-assemble your headlamps.

I have seen this on a few black cars but this would be a great way to add some color-coding on other cars. It would look especially aggressive on a red car, with the bezels painted red to match or even black for a really aggressive look!

-submitted by abdukted1456

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