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Dual rear foglights


Have you ever noticed your rear foglight?

It is that one REALLY bright red light on the left side, in the inner lamp cluster on the hatch/trunk. You can turn it on during low visibility like severe rain snow or fog, and it helps other drivers see you from a distance, especially useful on the highway when many travel at high speeds regardless of visibility. It can prevent someone from coming upon you from behind too suddenly and then being surprised and trying to slow down in a panic, as they will see you much easier and from further away.

Why is there only one? I am under the impression that it is so people do not mistake it for brake lights. Although these rear fogs aka"European fogs" are much brighter than brake lights some drivers following you may not know the difference. Also it may be illegal in your area. That is why I say do this modification at your own risk!!!!

I added a bulb to the inner lamp cluster on the right hand side. Now I can be VERY visible in bad weather. The two lights are actually almost obnoxious, they are that bright... So often they can serve another purpose and help keep tailgaitors at bay. Either because when turning them on suddenly they can be mistake them for brake lights, or they are just too bright to follow closely behind.


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