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Cheap "gunmetal" or black pearl look grill

You may have seen the black pearl grill that has been discontinued by the Saab parts catalog for some time now. They can occasionally be found on ebay selling for as much as $200!

Well here is an idea on how to make a similar look for 1/20th of that price! Start using a shiny chrome grill. Then carefully apply a tail-light tint spray in light, even coats. The idea is that these tail-light tints are semi-transparent, so it allows some of the chrome to show through the paint, making a dark chrome effect. Ideally you should also apply a clear coat once the tint has dried.

I don't reccommend Nite Shades brand as it has a slight purplish color. Instead I used a spray from Japan that has a more smoky color.

Be careful! These sprays often dry much much darker than they appear when wet, so follow the directions and make sure to allow at least 40 minutes in between light coats so you can see how dark it is getting. Too dark and your grill will simply be black! Also the darker you go, the duller it will be. So if you try this one, be patient and do a little at a time until it looks just right.

-submitted by abdukted1456

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